Rev. Dr. Dianthia Gilmore is a spiritual director. She received her doctorate of ministry in Formational Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. Dr. Gilmore is the founder of Seed Sowers Ministry which promotes wholeness in mind, body, and spirit for Christian leaders, as they sow seeds in the lives of others. Rev Dianthia co-pastors with her husband, Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Gilmore at the historical Fidelity Baptist Church in Cleveland Ohio. The Gilmores are the first nationally ordained and co-pastoring couple, in Ohio, for the Baptist denomination.

Dianthia and Thomas have been married for thirty-nine years. They have three adult children; Elijah, Uriah, and Alisha. Angel and Aaron are their two teen grandchildren. Dianthia encourages Christian leaders to develop a more intimate relationship with God. She explicates, "As our fellowship with God increases, then our services to humanity will be more empowering for the 21st century."

Life's Passion

Dr. Dianthia is a prophetic preacher and spiritual counselor, whose ministry centers on Christian living and maturity in Christ. She has earned several degrees including the Masters of Divinity (Old Testament) and a Doctorate of Ministry in Formational Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. 

Dianthia is an avid reader, loves photography of nature, and listening to classical music. A great deal of Dianthia’s time is committed to the disciplines of silence, the solitude of the heart, fasting, praying and journaling. She is presently working to have her first book published for Christians on the theme of developing a deeper intimacy with God.

Dr. Dianthia loves the Lord and daily practices resting in His presence. She encourages Christian leaders to seek God’s heart above ministerial work. Rev. Gilmore explicates, “As we seek God with all our heart, mind, and strength, we will embody His love for those to whom we minister; thus fulfilling God’s greater purpose for our lives.