Trust God! He Is Setting the Stage

TRUST GOD: In these seemingly difficult times, let us continue to trust in our living God. There we will find His strong hand of love, mercy and compassion. In spite of illnesses, quarantine, closing of businesses, statistics, conspiracies, wars and other fears that beset us, GOD IS in control. He is merely ‘allowing’ the stage to be set for the GREAT drama that is yet to come—His imminent return (Matthew 24-25). Note: Matt. 24:22, 44.
My sisters and brothers, fear not or be discouraged for God is ever with us. His mighty and sustaining Presence will strengthen and help us (Isaiah 41:10). God will uphold us above the calamities that surround us with His righteous right hand. Then, with His strong left hand, He will destroy, once and for all, the works of the Evil One (Rev. 19)! Until then, be watchful, prayerful, and aware of upcoming scenarios (i.e. Mark of the Beast: Tracking System (Rev. 13:16-18)! We are rapidly approaching that hour. Full Story: Revelation 12-22. 

Be confident! God is in control! He is preparing the way for a new world that is coming! One that is stable and without the curses of pain, sorrow, incurable illnesses, or death (Rev. 21:1-7 and 22:1-7). Therefore, be steadfast; maintaining integrity, strength, and walking in His ‘perfect’ peace. This world needs you, God’s servant-leaders, more than ever to step up for the great harvest that is upon us.

For He IS coming and quickly! This season is just the beginning of the end of the melodrama that we have experienced on this side of eternity: Wars, chaos, mistrust, hated, hunger, destruction of the ecosystem, incurable diseases, and political injustice in any form (i.e. gender bias). Until then, be strong in the faith. The Bible makes clear that we have not seen the worst, yet. If these days are not cut short, no one will survive. However, for the sake of the elect (that is you and I) those days will be shortened (Matt: 24:22). Therefore, be watchful! Be prayerful! Be hopeful! Conduct God’s harvest work, as if today is your last day. For it just may be. Our Redeemer draws nearer (I Thess. 4 – 5). Therefore, TRUST God like never before!

During this interim time (our journey), let our hearts wait expectantly for His return. Whether it is tomorrow or seven years from now, let us be about the kingdom business, while preparing our hearts for Christ’s return (Matt. 24: 22-44).

Rev. Dr. Dianthia Gilmore, Pastor and Founder of Seed Sowers Ministry Website:     

Revised 4/15/20


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