Sabbath Rest: Poem and Devotional

Devotional Theme: Slowing to KNOW God More Relationally

Text: Entering His Perfect Peace (Isa. 26:3-4; Phil. 4:6-8,11; Ps. 34:1,19)

Poem: Sabbath Rest

A time alone,

From earth’s groans,

A time to reflect,

Drawing inward to recollect.

Intentional slowing,

To God’s heart, you are knowing,

A second, hour, or half a day,

Perhaps, a week or months to stay,

Whenever, how long, enter to today.

Author: Dianthia Gilmore (2012)

Devotional: For a Brief Moment – Breathe

We all know about God and His empowering word. Christians are passionate in carrying out His word in acts of service. However, many fall short of relationally knowing God, who we serve. Therefore, if only for a brief moment, today, slow down and breathe! Take an ‘intentional pause’ to quiet your spirit to know God in a more intimate way (Ps. 46:10).

Sabbath resting is a time of communion with God. It is a quiet time of devotional reading, reflecting, and journaling. It is also a time of worship with a jubilant praise and/or dance. Absolutely, it is an intentional time of touching heart-to-heart with God; whom we say we love (Deut. 6:5; Luke 10:27). In this sacred moment, we are seeking His heart and not His hands.

The precious Holy Spirit facilitates this coalescing process, where our wounded hearts are joined to our Savior’s healing heart that is intertwined with the Father’s waiting heart. In this sacred space, we come to know, more intimately, our Triune God; Father, Holy Spirit, and Son.

How to begin? Each morning, this process can be initiated with a short affirmation, such as: “Lord, you are my peace.” Breathe deeply and slowly. Repeat this phrase or something similar that is meaningful to you (3-mins.). Relax. Breathe. “Lord, your peace.” Follow the flow of your breathing. Reflect on His perfect peace (Isa. 26:3-4). Feel God’s affirming Presence. His love is gently flowing through you. “Your Peace.” Finally, one syllable-breathing: “Peace.” 

While in this sacred space, welcome God’s truth for you. Cast away anything that does not align with God’s purpose for your life (2 Cor. 10:3-6). Then, embrace God’s reality for you; love, contentment, joy, wholeness, and indescribable peace (Phil 4:7). Breathe. Can you sense God replacing the rhythms of rushing, anxiety, expecting, and striving for more and more and never enough? Breathe. Notice the cares of this world receding. Fear is being released for trust. Doubt is being replaced with hope. The turbulent and emotional waves that were crashing upon your senses are diminishing, as anxiety is replaced with a sense of contentment (v.11). Breathe!

Remember, seekers of God’s heart that you are God’s beloved. He desires for you to delight in Him (Ps. 37:4). Allow His Presence, love, and peace to flow into your busy day (John 14:27). This on-going practice of slowing, soaking, and releasing, as you quietly commune with our living God, will soon become natural like breathing. Apostle Paul concurs:  I Thess. 5:16-23.

Therefore, be it morning, noon, or evening, soaking deeply, in God’s presence, will increase greater awareness of Him and your truer self. In time, God’s Presence will become a place of dwelling, rather than a sacred period that is entered for brief moments.

Rev. Dr. Dianthia Y. Gilmore                                                      Revised: 12.12.21

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