My Man, Amos!

MY MAN, AMOS: As a First Testament scholar, there is no shortage of prophets to esteem and in whom we can observe Godly principles for living. Today, my heart resonates strongly with the prophet Amos who, like me, was fed up with hypocrisy among God’s people.

POLITICAL LEADERS: Many of you are forsaking your executive, legislative, and judicial duties as ‘political guards’ for democracy. You have succumbed to lies, deceit, and injustice. All for fame and wealth. Your continual oppression of the poor and all who are marginal must end. The prophet Micah declares: “Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly” (Micah 6:8) before our living God whom you say you serve. God’s reckoning day is imminent. DO RIGHT!

SPIRITUAL LEADERS: Many of you disgust me. Your focus is on being popular vs. populating the kingdom. Like Jonah’s hesitancy with the people of Nineveh, I do not want to see you spared. However, I must proclaim this warning even to false prophets/spiritual leaders. The love of Jesus requires me to teach the truth and to reach out to ALL! Therefore, my heart is burdened for you. Like Jeremiah, I am often overwhelmed with sadness. You have left your first love. You provide God’s people with narratives and half-truths, presented dramatically and full of disconnected messages, that tickle the ears and fancy simple hearts. Meanwhile, God’s people plunge full speed towards eternal damnation (hell). Therefore, you must minister in wisdom and knowledge like your life depends on it. It does!

FALSE PROPHETS: I want nothing from you. You are untrained, uncalled, unstable and unaware of the living God. Others have mistakenly assumed you worthy of your position. God help you! One day, you will answer for the big LIE! Like the prophet Amos, know that I do not need your sacrificial giving, while you lived out un-Godly practices; MISOGYNY, being deceitful and undermining, condoning racism with your silence, lovers of pornography, strong wine and other deteriorating existences that keep you separated from our living God. Your abuse of the poor and the uneducated is full of duplicity and quite uncandid. Shame on you! The prophets Ezekiel has called you out (Ezekiel 13). STEP DOWN!

OTHERS in the Body, you have been complacent with your head buried in the proverbial sands; self-sufficient and independent. It is all about you and yours. You have allowed others to evolved you to a new height; not needing God and becoming your own god. Your focus has been about ascertaining the golden life, rather than abiding in Christ’s golden light. You have lost true purpose and the connectedness to God the Creator, Redeemer, and Comfort-Teacher. Be assured your time is winding down, too. Your season of merriment and satisfying the ego will drastically end. Like Hosea, I cry out; Come back, now! Stop whoring after other gods; money, people, titles, careers, fame or wherever you are devoting your time and effort.  The ‘day of the Lord’ draws near. Live right!

The prophet Obadiah first coined the phrase; “day of the Lord.” Be assured that day is coming and quicker than many anticipate. It will not be a pleasant event but full of God’s wrath and great darkness. On that day, God will deal with those who rejected Him and focused on themselves; the lost, dishonest political leaders and spiritual leaders who led others astray with ‘patty-cake’ sermons and pleasantries.

People of God, as the days continue to darken, be wise. Listen to God’s prophets. There is a word from Genesis to Revelation. Prayerfully, you will be lead to those who have a sole agenda; “To live for Christ (Phil. 3: 10-14) and all that His walk entails (Phil. 2). Listen and obey. Be strong and consistent. Stand in His righteousness. Then, you will be able to faithfully respond to the ‘good’ fight. As His will is done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:10), we will witness God’s “justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24). Otherwise, my sisters and brothers, His justice will have no mercy on that day.

Rev. Dr. Dianthia Y. Gilmore, Pastor (Church without Walls)

Seed Sowers Ministry: A place of love, strength, healing, and growth for those in leadership


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