Seven Last Words

Mount Gillion MBC (Rev. Nathan Nance, Pastor). The service was awesome! The precious Holy Spirit was lively from beginning to end; anointing richly the seven pastors bringing the Word and those present with a heart for the word.

Pastor David Nelson (Akron) shook the house with a commanding opening: “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34). He reminded us that we have all, at one time or another, been falsely accused, persecuted, ostracized, and misunderstood. How do we respond? Do we ask God to take our enemies out? [Sure we do!] However, the lesson from the cross reminds us to forgive our enemies. As we are attacked, we must have prayers that are personal, persistent, and perpetual, as well as prayers of pardon.

Pastor Christine Smith (Covenant) brought another practical Word on Luke 23:42-43, involving the two criminal at Calvary. Like the criminals, many have done wrong and must face the consequences. However, we were encouraged to be like criminal #2, who had sense enough to call upon the LORD to be delivered, recovered, rescued, or for escape. Face your trials, she concluded. Be humble and know that the struggle is more than about the pain. [The present blame and shame is nothing in comparison to His coming glory!]

Pastor Chelsea Purnell (Kingdom Keepers) dug deeply and eloquently into the Greek to examine the term, ‘Woman’, (John 19:26). She explicated that a woman’s womb carried Christ. Then, with a smooth and connecting discourse, she shared how Jesus became a carrier in the tomb [the womb for our new birth in Him]. God expects us to carry the Word, when it is our turn and time.

Bishop Brandon Owens (Second Ebenezer) enlightened us on the word ‘darkness’ – skotia – in Matthew 27:45-4. God is light [and the light is within us], we should not fear darkness. He concluded by explaining that Jesus became sin, just for us, as a substitute sacrifice. He did not come to the cross as a martyr with a cause, or an innocent man being wrongly excused [although, He was]. However, Jesus chose the cross to [becoming a blood-atoning sacrifice] for you and me. Our sins are covered by the blood. With this being the case, we need not [enter the dark nights of our soul, as the Enemy would try to take us]. But, rather, we need to cry out, “My God. My God.” [For He is our ultimate help, will forgive, and not forsake us.]

Pastor D. A. Witcher (Canaan MBC, Arkansas) spoke powerfully on the phrase: “I Thirst (john 19:28). He shared that the thirst was real, but yet spiritual. He described dynamically, using oxymoron phrases such as: “He was crushed, but reigned over death and the enemy.” We were encouraged to have a similar thirst for the lost; our family, friends, and even the frenemies in our lives [that kiss and stab to their detriment].

Pastor Michelle Moore (Cathedral Worship Center) brought us fully to the cross, with a Spirit-filled (Pentecostal) praise and worship with the song; ‘The Blood that Jesus Shed for Me’. She then proceeded to expound with authority on the small word, ‘It’ from the statement: “It is finished!” (John 15:30). She challenge us to speak to the ‘It’ in our lives [depression, anger, bitterness, disappointment, worry, etc.]. She asked: “What is your ‘It? Who is your ‘It’? Where is your ‘it’? [How we respond to the ‘It’ will determine spiritual life or death. Will you choose life?]

Pastor Kevin Byous (Philippi MBC), through the Holy Spirit, kick the atmosphere even higher with his vibrate message on the last word: “Father into thine hand.” He reminded us; ‘Surely He died,’ [providing power over the enemy]. The wicked hands of men cannot hurt us anymore as we: 1) Hold on to God’s unchanging hand; 2) Stay in fellowship with the Father; and 3) Remain in His hand like glue [no matter what situation we find ourselves.] With a powerful ending and with every breath he had, Pastor Byous, charged us to have a “He Died” [praise experience, where we speak life to ourselves]: Surely, He died. Surely, He died. Surely, He died for ME!

Awesome evening at Mt. Gillion, last night. If you have not done so already, get dress and head out to one of a dozen or more Last Words services today and tomorrow: Greater Abyssinia (Friday-Noon), Mt. Sinai (Friday-Noon); Cornerstone (Friday-7:00 p.m.); and Southeast Seventh-Day of Adventist on Lee Road (Saturday-Noon) to name a few.

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