Holy Saturday: Rest In Him

HOLY SATURDAY: This has been a busy week. Today, let us rest. Holy Saturday is a day of quietness and reflection. Imagine yourself, in the garden, outside of the tomb. Waiting. It is quiet in comparison to yesterday at Calvary. The sun is shining bright. All is calm; no earthquakes or foreboding darkness. Today, in the garden, the lovely tweeting of the morning birds warm the heart. There are no pounding of nails, piercing of skin, cries of thirst, or the loud and ugly taunting from Roman soldiers. You see two soldiers stationed at the tomb half-asleep; lulled by the tranquility of this place.

In the temple, the torn veil had been removed. A group of women have been assigned to create a new veil. They have been working all morning. Although, they are whispering softly, their voices echo in the large empty room. A gentle breeze meandered through the floor-to-ceiling windows and falls gently on their weary necks. Their thoughts are on the commotion, of yesterday, in the Praetorium (Matt. 27: 27-31; Mk. 15:16-20). Like many others, they had heard the shouting in the court: “Crucify Him!” Pilate had washed his hands of the matter, after the crowd demanded Barabbas’ release instead of Jesus (Matt 27:15-25). In fact, later that evening, Pilate had washed his entire body to no avail. He could not cleanse the overwhelming guilt he felt. It remained with him, even, this morning.

What About the Disciples: Jesus’ disciples were hiding out in a small room with the door locked (John 20:19). A few sat holding their heads. A couple of the disciples paced the small room; wringing their hands nervously. What had the Master shared at their last meal together? They pondered over His words concerning the temple being destroyed and rebuilt in three days (John 2:19-21). They had not paid close attention. What had Jesus said about being offended and scattered sheep” (Matt. 26:31)? They had been so consumed about who would be the greatest in the kingdom (Matt.18:1) that they minimized the King who was among them.

How many of us are so busy planning for the future that we, too, forget to live in the present moment? How many of us miss hearing God’s voice distinctly, upon our hearts, because we cannot still it or our minds? How many of us are so involved with pleasing the crowd, like Pilate, vs displeasing God? Or are you be being lulled to sleep with no true purpose? Are you operating in fear because of city, national or world issues?  Rest in His perfect peace, today (Isaiah 26:3)

Today, Holy Saturday, let us take time to reflect on Christ’s love and great passion for us. As you cast aside thoughts that would distract you from the knowledge of God and His promises for your live, you will soon discover yourself abiding more in a place of contentment.Through the coalescing work of the Holy Spirit, may you press, daily, to connected to the Source of peace (Isaiah 26:3). REST in Him, today!

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