Formational Counseling

Formational counseling is the new buzz word for spiritual counseling. This type of counseling is the ‘safe’ bridge for many Christians who may not feel comfortable seeking help from a secular counselor. The believer works with a trained spiritual director, who is led by the Holy Spirit, to guides the believer towards a more intimate relationship with God. Transformation occurs as the believer learns to relinquish falsehoods about themselves that are deeply embedded in the heart. In time, false beliefs that cause erroneous thinking and dysfunctional behavior are replaced with God’s truth and promises. This formational process leads the believer to greater spiritual wholeness and a more empowered life. Formational counseling does not replace clinical counseling. When needed, the client is encouraged to participate in both types of counseling.

10 thoughts on “Formational Counseling”

    1. Thank you, Sanders. Since your post, the site has been completed with details on Formational Counseling. Two great resources that may further assist you in your quest: ‘Healing Care, Healing Prayer: Helping the Broken Find Wholeness in Christ’ (Wardle 2001) and ‘Transforming path: A Christ-centered approach to Spiritual Formation’ (Wardle 2003).

    1. Carolyn, things of the heart are not always logical to the mind. The deeper we walk inward, the more our journey becomes clearer and our relationship with God more intimate.

  1. This really does look great! You are a superb Spiritual Director! I think Spiritual Direction should be highlighted as one of your particular services as well.

    1. Thank you Min. Rhonda for your suggestion. For me, they are one in the same; helping to direct others towards a greater spiritual formation that resembles Christ.

    1. Thank you, Urbame. To God be all the glory! Please send your future messages in English, so others can benefit from your comments.

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