Discernment: Full Speed Ahead

DISCERNMENT: God speaks daily to our hearts. In special seasons of our lives, God will speak a specific word that is just for you. It is repeated and confirmed over and over. You see the message in a book you are reading. You hear it in a song. A radio series or television show alludes to it. A friend or love one shares the message unknowingly. Without a doubt, you know this word is from the Lord. You experience His peace. It encompasses your total being. It is the Lord’s soft whispers of guidance and directions. He waits for you to respond.

When you hear God’s voice, you have several choices: 1) You can ignore the prompting.  2) You can respond to the prompting; moving towards God’s purpose for your life by preparing and being ready to go, wherever He leads.  3) Or you can act in fear with the three f’s: FREEZE (do nothing); FLIGHT (run to your comfort zone and hide), or fight with others (naysayers) about whether it is God’s voice or not.

As we practice God’s presence, we learn to distinguish what is of God, and what is not. The Holy Spirit will open our hearts and minds to the heart and will of God. We simply need to trust the process. The spiritual discipline of discernment makes us sensitive to God’s voice and will. God’s Spirit helps us to recognize the voice of the Lord. Those who are opened to such will be led to respond accordingly; moving out in all that the Father has ordained.

“St. Ignatius of Loyola notes that sin is unwillingness to trust that what God wants is our deepest happiness. Until I am absolutely convinced of this, I will do everything I can to keep my hands on the  controls of my life, because I think I know better than God what I need for my fulfillment” (Calhoun 2005, 99).

Take time, right now. Listen. What is God saying? What areas of your life is He speaking? How will you respond? Your response to the nudging of God’s Spirit indicates your level of love, trust, and obedience. Do not miss doors of opportunities because of fear. Trust the process. God holds you and the future in His hands. He cares deeply about you and desires to bless you in all areas of your life (Psalm 84:11-12). Trust Him, and move full speed ahead into all that He has ordained for your life!  .

Pastor Dianthia Gilmore, Seed Sowers Ministry, a Church Without Walls for Leaders

3 thoughts on “Discernment: Full Speed Ahead”

  1. I’ve discovered that, sometimes, I trust God but not the abilities that God has given Me. A lot of Us have faith in God but not faith in Ourselves, when We feel pressure. This reminds me of stories in the Bible, where people had to endure unnecessary self inflicted obstacles due to their disobedience and/or lack of discernment (possibly due to fear). Sometimes, they even block God’s people from receiving God’s blessings and or promises

    1. Thank you, Elijah for your comments. I agree. We do not doubt the God in us, but often we doubt the working of God through us; especially for great things. We have prayed for such, and then we have a difficult time accepting the blessing, when it comes. I believe it is because, deep down, we do not feel worthy. Starting today, may we all move out in all that God has ordained for our lives, and to do so with full speed ahead. Time is winding down. Word: Ephesian 5:14-17; I Thessalonians 4:12 – 5:24

  2. Elijah, look at God in and through your live. It has been four/half years. Doors did open, and you boldly stepped in them. You have travel abroad twice for concerts and throughout our nation. Greater things are yet to come. Get ready!!! (Psalm 84:11-12; Jer. 29:11-14)

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