Dark Saturday


Today is commonly referred to as Dark Sabbath. It describes the emotional and mental state of the Christian believers after the crucifixion of Jesus at Calvary, over 2,000 years ago. Darkness of hearts and minds were evident as great sadness accompanied these followers’ fears and confusion. Even Jesus’ elite team of disciples cowered together and were full of anger, fear, shame, guilt, and disbelief after the traumatizing events of yesterday—the great Friday. 

 In their depressed state, some silently mused while others openly complained. Had they made a poor judgement in leaving all they had to follow this simple man from Galilee? A sulking presence of unrelenting evil hovered near encouraging these unholy thoughts. As darkness increased, sickening fear invaded their total being. What would happen to us now? Anxiety enters the scene. Would the Roman authorities summarily and efficaciously deal with them, followers of this new cult, as they had dealt with its radical and perceived lunatic leader? Would they die a horrible death, too? Doubt, anxiety, and fear set the tone for greater darkness of their heart, spirit, and minds. Was Jesus not He whom the prophets had foretold; the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? As the day continued and the believers’ fears and skepticism increased, it provided the entrance for the master of DARKNESS!!!  

Many of you reading this blog have experienced a similar, subtle and unrelenting attack of darkness. We call this darkness by many names. It is he whose sole purpose is to contradict Truth and try to eliminate the Light in your lives. However, know that Dark Sabbath had a happy ending—Resurrection Sunday.  

It is where all of humanity was pardon and reunited to the living God. We were forgiven of sin and are now able to walk in holiness and truth. Therefore, do not allow your holy space, a receptacle for praise and worship, to become a repository for undulating thoughts of fear, doubt, shame, blame, guilt, and restlessness. Walk in the LIGHT!  Stop treading darkness and allowing the enemy to steal your joy. Here, he will attempt to kill your ordained purposes and to destroy your hope for eternal life with lies. Therefore, dwell in the LIGHT that God has provided humanity. How? Dwell on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report. Darkness will fade. Daily humble yourself and submit to God’s will. Darkness will not be able to take a stronghold and will flee (James 4: 6-8). 

Yes, there was a Dark Sabbath. However, as you can see, this narrative does not end here. A glorious new day followed–Resurrection Sunday. The hearts and minds of the believers were renewed. Allow Christ’s reappearance in your heart to renew you. He loves you and will not forsake you. (Matt. 28:20 and Hebrew 13:5). Walk in His glorious light vs. darkness. Forsake those things, situations, institutes, or people whose presence encourages dark thinking and existence. God waits patiently to bring renewal, a fresh start, for some and to create for others a loving and a safe environment where you can grow and maintain wholeness in Him.   

Enter His embrace, today. His unconditionally love and perfect peace welcomes you. A peace that the world cannot give and will transcend your present understanding. Unlike the love of the world, Christ love will endure. Will you forsake fear, doubt, and darkness? Are you willing to step out into a new places in Him, where His unconditional love and perfect peace flows freely? In the secret place of His tabernacle His strong LIGHT will guide, fill and grow you.  

Today, create moments of silence where you can read and reflect on the Light that was revealed over 2,000 years ago, fully human and fully divine. Get to know Him and learn how to walk unwavering in this Light.  

Suggested Texts: John 10: 10-11; Luke 24; John 20; Acts 1-2; John 14) 



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