Community vs. Division

Natural talent and confidence that is ‘over-coached’ can become self-absorption and narcissistic mania. Today, we see this type of dysfunctional behavior in leadership. However, God calls us to conformity, community, and love, where we esteem each other. In doing so, we can maintain a ONE-ness in the body of Christ (Phil 2:1-8).

Are you a humbled servant-leader? Or are you loud and child-like? Do you push, pull, demand, and belittle? What does God require? The prophet Micah explicates that we fight for justice vs. fighting each other. We are to love mercy vs. hate and seek vengeance. We are to be secure in who we are and in Whom we belong. He is the Gift-giver, who makes room for us all.

Therefore, Christian and political leaders, gather God’s people vs. alienate, separate, or drive away into foreign places. Walk humbly before God and others. Regard the feelings and station-hood of others. We all have a calling and purpose. It is show-down time! The stage is prepared for the last performance–the great apocalypse–His Return (Matt. 24-25). May God’s people be stepping in a smooth and united formation, as we serve humbly His kingdom agenda.

Word: I Thess. 4:16-18; Micah 6:8; Matt. 25:45; Matt. 5:3-12, 19.


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